XYZ Workshop

XYZ Workshop on Discovery Channel

This January XYZ Workshop on Discovery Channel on the series "How Did They Do it?"  and find out what it took to creat a 100% 3D Printed Dress The Scheduled air dates for the Episode for the following countries are as follows with the rest of the world to follow:

UK & Ireland

  • Friday 16th January 8pm

China, Philippines and SE Asia

  • Friday 16th January 8pm
  • Saturday 17th January 0.00am
  • Saturday 17th January 7am
  • Saturday 17th January 11am
  • Monday 19th January 1pm


  • Friday 9th January 9.30pm
  • Saturday 10th January 1.30am
  • Saturday 10th January 8.30am
  • Sunday 11th January 11.30 am
  • Monday 12th January 2.30pm


  • Monday 19th January 10pm
  • Tuesday 20th January 3am
  • Tuesday 20th January 2pm
  • Sunday 25th January 8am
  • Monday 26th January 9am

India & Sri Lanka

  • Wednesday 14th January 8pm
  • Thursday 15th January 7am
  • Wednesday 21st January 4pm
  • Monday 19th January 7am
  • Saturday 24th January 4pm
  • Sunday 25th January 7am
  • Wednesday 28th January 8pm
  • Thursday 29th January 7am