XYZ Workshop


XYZ Workshop was formed in early 2013, by Australian Architects, Elena Low and Kae Woei Lim. This husband and wife team were intrigued by desktop manufacturing and spent their time out of their architectural work tinkering around with their kit assembled 3D printer from Ultimaker. Much like Architecture, they were drawn into the potential of 3d Printing as it fused aspects of Art, Sculpture and Technology.

Their vision is to make XYZ Workshop a creative hub for collaboration between different creative enterprises and a teaching platform for 3D printing technology to different interested groups, be it school kids, designers, engineers and innovators. XYZ Workshop will be working with designers to show case their unique designs, to push the boundaries of 3d printing.

Elena and Kae Woei have a 2 year old son, Cooper. ”We wanted to bring him up in an environment that encouraged creativity, exploration and making.” says Elena. “Although Cooper is still young and had just begun to walk, we are hoping that in the near future, He will be able to play with the 3D printer, giving him access to a level of “making” and inventing that we never had when were we younger.”

Elena and Kae Woei have bigger plans to promote this idea of encouraging invention by creating 3D prints via ‘make + learn’ classes for aspiring young kids in Australia. XYZ will be running a series of learn + make sessions in the near future but you can email your expression of interest now.



Kae Woei combines the use of his digital expertise, in the form of three dimensional computer form generation and physical model making skills, to arrive at original and buildable solutions unique to each project.

He is able to link emerging concepts and theories of the digital age with tactile fundamentals of design and construction, to help you create dynamic and exciting possiblities whilst maintaining a good design sensibility.

Co-Founder and CFO


Elena's interest lie in architecture, jewellery making and textiles. Her interests lie in the exploration of 3D printing as a happy medium between the opportunities offered by progressive technology and the handmaking process. Unlocking the potential of 3D print objects as an expression of texture and tactility.

She is keen to be able to teach the everyday person how to translate their ideas on pen and paper to an actual built object.